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The term cancer can send chills up anyone’s spine. Every time a person hears the word coming from his physician, a sense of dread and occasionally, impending doom can wash them over. Before giving any diagnosis of cancer for their individual, doctors Would need him/her to go through a few tests. There are lab testing solutions that doctors – and patients – depend on about diagnosing as well as preventing cancer from occurring. These lab testing services include blood tests, tumor markers, and urinalysis. The first of those clinical laboratory testing services are blood tests. These may help detect the quantity of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a patient’s blood. Red blood cells are for the transport of oxygen into the various areas of the body, while platelets are the body’s protection from bleeding and bruising easily.

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When a blood test indicates that there is a larger amount of white blood cells in the body than normal, it may indicate that there is an infection. White city x ray tilak nagar blood cells are responsible for fighting any disease that occurs in the body. If physicians would rely on the results of blood tests independently, then There would be tens of thousands of physicians diagnosing patients with cancer if the individual is only experiencing a bout of colds. This is the reason other lab testing services are conducted in order to be certain that the patient has cancer, rather than some other illness. The next test is a urinalysis. The body excretes different Substances, and by filtering or analysing these chemicals present in the urine, doctors can check for any additional signs of cancer. In comparison with the previous two tests, tumor markers are now being used by physicians to track the status of a patient’s cancer.

Cancer cells usually excrete certain substances that help physicians check whether the cancer has progressed or not. The medical community is now searching for ways of using tumor markers to help diagnose, detect, and possibly even cure cancer. Cancer diagnosis is also based on a patient’s history and Results of a physical exam. But these laboratory testing companies provide enough support each time a doctor should notify his/her patient on the existence, absence, and stage of cancer from the patient’s body.